Safe and

This inconspicuous module enables use of precision industrial robotics within interventional radiology or cardiology. The OTV-VGA-V2 is a part of the SIEMENS ARTIS ZEE system world wide. It provides optical (galvanic) isolation (4KV from VGA/RGB-video signals). It fulfills the international standards of IEC 60601-1 for medical electrical equipment.

Galvanic isolation serves as a bridge between medical and non-medical devices like common PCs or industrial monitors. The OTV-VGA-V2 protects patients in case of malfunction of such components according to the international standards. The OTV-VGA-V2 provides two optically isolated RGB outputs and one not isolated output (Loop-through). It can be connected with long cables (up to 40m) thanks integrated frequency enhancement.

The OTV-VGA-V2 is IEC 60601-1 certified.

Flexibility without limits in catheter labs or operating rooms - the ARTIS ZEE system. The OTV-VGA-V2 protects.

OTV-VGA-V2 Front Panel
Twofold RGB Output

OTV-VGA-V2 Back Panel
RGB Input with Loop-Through

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